Hypnobirthing-the easy way to birth.

I first became interested in hypnosis after seeing a documentary of a woman who used hypnosis instead of chemical anesthesia whilst having a caesarian. I concluded that if you can use hypnosis for major abdominal surgery, then using it for natural birth would be a walk in the park by comparison! So when I became pregnant I used hypnosis to prepare for both of my births, which subsequently inspired me to add to my nurse training and become a clinical hypnotherapist.
So what is hypnosis? It has been very hard to define as it is an experiential process, just like love is hard to define. At the heart of it, hypnosis is absorbed focus with a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Hypnosis begins with the premise that people have valuable abilities that are present but hidden, abilities that can be uncovered and used in a deliberate way to overcome symptoms and problems. I am particularly interested in helping clients to discover the ability to manage pain without drugs. The benefits are that this absorbed state creates changes in the brain that generally manifest as a greater responsiveness to suggested experience. So for birth, the suggestion that you are comfortable and that each contraction brings further relaxation and comfort has obvious benefits! I see that a lot of the time people are hypnotizing themselves in the wrong direction, worrying that their birthing experience will be too difficult for them to cope with, this creates unnecessary tension which has a physiological impact on their body and this stress can hinder the bodies natural process of birth. With some practice and education this trap can easily be avoided. Please contact me by email; for further information or to attend my birthing classes.

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