Osteopathy and Postnatal Care

Osteopathy and Postnatal Care Osteopathic treatment following the birth of your baby can help to relieve the physical stresses placed on your body during this busy period.Many women experience lower back, pelvic painand pelvic floor trauma post-delivery, particularly if the 2nd stage of labour has been long, if medical intervention was required to assist with the delivery of the baby or if the mother was lying on her back during the delivery.Furthermore, sitting down for extended periods whilst feeding your baby can be detrimental to healthy spine and pelvic mechanics. Osteopathy in postnatal care provides a hands on approach to relieving your discomfort and also gives advice on pelvic floor exercises, lifting and carrying your baby, postural advice and safe exercises.

Caesarean Sections

Some women also experience pain following a Caesarean section. This can be related to the wound itself, surgical adhesions or to the extended length of immobility associated with surgery and epidurals. Pelvic floor trauma may also be present particularly if labour had already commenced and the section was an emergency procedure. Women who have had C-sections also need to be aware that pelvic floor weakness is implicated as much as in a normal vaginal delivery due to the compression of the pelvic floor during the pregnancy. Women who have had a C-section need to do their pelvic floor exercises too.

Osteopathic treatment can be extremely beneficial post-Caesarean section, in terms of pain relief and correct health care advice. Osteopathic treatment can be commenced days following your birth, although this may not always be practical. The sooner you can come to clinic to commence your treatment, the better the outcome.


Osteopathic treatment can be extremely beneficial for a lady with mastitis. It is used as a supportive measure, with orthodox treatment. Techniques include direct releasing of tissues in the breast area as well as treatment on the nerves and vessels supplying the breast and lymphatic drainage.

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