Osteopathic Maintenance Treatment by Dr Zeinah Keen

Why wait for an injury or pain to occur to seek Osteopathic treatment?
Well its always wonderful that people think of us when they are in pain, it is always a great privilege that you’re not only choosing the Osteopathic approach but you specifically come to Lachlan and myself. Usually after 3-4 treatments, you are well on your way to recovery with a treatment plan in place and rehabilitation in progress. Zeinah and Lachlan would always suggest that you come in periodically for a ‘tune up’ after you are feeling better from the presenting issue. Many of you do take our advice and we have been able to support the you and your families for quite a few years now.
Regular servicing of your body is more important than the servicing of your car. The emotional and physical stress we place on our bodies in this busy society is enormous. So why don’t more of us take advantage of our health funds and use those funds in a more preventative manner?
We get busy and forget about our bodies. If there is no pain, then we must be fine. Right?
Well actually the founder of Osteopathic Medicine, Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917)…….. bless his cotton socks stated that ‘the only patient not suitable to treat, is a dead one’. I am not saying that I whole heartedly agree with this statement but Osteopaths are highly trained tissue texture technicians and our palpation skills place us above and beyond many other allied health care practitioners. We are marvellous at finding fault (neuro-muscular-skeletal) in people through our palpation skills and so can tease out any potential areas of pain, dysfunction and disability.
By having a regular maintenance treatment, you are doing yourself a service not only by looking after your health but also potentially saving time and money in the process. It may be monthly, 6-8 weekly or even quarterly.
So don’t put it off any longer. Give us a call on 9452 2292 or book online.

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